Website globalization: Process of adapting and modifying a website for multiple international markets

Website translation and website localisation –

We can help ensure that you are selling effectively in non-English speaking markets.

Our website localisation services will ensure your customers understand your offer, no matter what language they speak. Teamed with our multilingual SEO offering we can also help you rank in search engines amongst your competitors so your customers can find you online.

Some facts to think about …

  • the more costly the item, the more likely that the purchaser will be confident in buying if the site is in their language
  • more than half of internet users buy only from websites in their own language
  • over 50% of web users have a native language other than English
  • non-English speakers are six times less likely to buy from sites only in English.

Pain-free website localisation

Working with us is easy. We can handle every common format – and many less common ones as well. We can integrate with your CMS, so that translations are always in sync with your content at the same time as making sure your data remains secure.

Shopping cart or shopping basket?

US customers expect a shopping cart, while shoppers in the UK expect a basket. Subtle distinctions like this are important and can make or break a sale. Our website localisation service will ensure that you get these local language specifics absolutely right. We can also check the design, colour and layout of your website to ensure it is culturally acceptable and won’t result in a significant website bounce rate.

Getting the right search ranking

Localising your site also means getting the SEO right for the target language. Our comprehensive multilingual SEO services will maximise your presence.

  • Keyword research- We can handle your multilingual keyword research in two different ways – either by translating your existing English keyword list or by creating a new keyword list using an English site as reference
  • Link building- Our multilingual link building service will take care of your online visibility by ensuring that customers can find your site
  • Metadata optimising- We can also look after translation of your metadata – another vital element in our mix of SEO services.

Article and blog writing and translation

Publishing blogs in your target languages will maximise your web presence because it will increase the number of ‘in-country’ links to your localised webpages. We can translate, or even create blog copy in your target languages. If you want to handle the translation, we can provide a proofing service.

Pay per click campaign ads

We’ll translate your PPC adverts, to ensure as much traffic as possible is driven from other language sources to your website and to your dedicated language-specific landing pages.

Brand checks

We can carry out region, country or language specific research if you want to increase your presence. We’ll provide information on the positioning of your brand in the markets you’re interested in and how your brand compares with your competitors’. The research will also highlight any confusion that your brand could cause due to cultural differences – helping you avoid embarrassment and expensive rebranding further down the line.

Long tail keyword validation

Google AdWords recommends caution when using long tail keywords that are not part of a PPC campaign, but are vital to attracting high quality traffic. And you need to be even more cautious when translating long tail keywords.

Our experienced SEO linguists can review the keywords you’re using to make sure they are effective.

Mobile keyword research

With mobile internet usage rising year on year, the way the world search the web is changing. Because mobile devices are typically more awkward to type then computer keyboards, users are more likely to use auto suggest when searching to save them typing out an entire query string. It also means that users are less likely to use long tail search for the same reason. If you are seeing an increasing upward trend of users visiting your website through mobile devices we can bare that in mind when performing your keyword search.

Landing page localisation

One way of saving on translation costs is to translate and localise just your landing pages, rather than the entire website.

We assess the suitability of the design and phrases in your English version for your target overseas market, and localise accordingly, to make sure the site is still working hard to drive conversion.